Kaixo! I'm Lwna

I am a 22 year old software engineer, application and video game developer in my spare time, currently studying about cybersecurity.


My technological stack is made up of:

My Projects

I have several projects in progress among which are: Cler a discordmultipurpose bot, N&C Academy a website that compiles programming courses offered by youtube users. GGPass a SQLite password manager using Julia.

Each of them is OpenSource and you can access them in the following links:

Cler: Documentation - Website
N&C Academy: GitHub - Website
GGPass: Documentation - Website

Here's my Full Portafolio



Most of the time I use Twitter and Discord. From time to time I upload videos to YouTube. If you want a quick contact, I have a Discord server where you can find me.

Twitter: @LwnaDev
YouTube: LwnaDev


I worked as a Freelancer I also have my own projects available on my GitHub account.